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Resume of Jack Bellis

11 K 332 K, with audio testimonial (see 2nd paragraph, below)

Where I’m Going

Interface design, human factors expert, usability engineering, information design, site navigation design… the debate over the names is unsettled but my focus has been steadfast.

I have twenty years of experience—since the birth of the C:> prompt—lobbying for users’ rights and creating innovations to support the cause. In the same way that the best developers have an innate talent for algorithmic thinking, I have an unsurpassed command of the communication side of the software world. As early as 1985, I created a program about which one magazine reviewer remarked, "the program won’t let you hit a wrong key." Along with this I bring award-winning creative skills, experience coding in 18 development and scripting languages, and involvement in a wide range of business situations and application environments. This background enables me to establish rapport with developers and efficiently negotiate challenging projects. Wherever I’ve worked I’ve garnered comments like "I must say I’m quite impressed…" and "It was amazing…"Compelling 332K audio clip (compelling 332K WAV audio clip) I’d now like to elicit such feedback on behalf of outstanding interface design, design that reduces the training burden to its minimum.

Where I’ve Been


Senior Consultant 9/95 - Present

Create automated training and traditional documentation for consulting engagements. Currently spearheading our company’s efforts in usable design.

  • Provided usability analysis and authored web-based training for a web-based document management system
  • Designed and created intranet site for software development methodology
  • Authored company-wide user interface design standards, and provided design input on multiple projects
  • Presented an evening course on interface design and style standards
  • Documented 15 client-server systems for pharmaceutical, publishing, telecommunications, manufacturing, and medical applications
  • Consulted with a Fortune-100 company to implement multimedia CBT, and subsequently created the complete four-module, 2-hour suite, with Macromedia Authorware
  • Produced the company’s first sound-and-video multimedia presentations with Macromedia Director, approximately 10 Director presentations in all
  • Created an interactive game for our intranet site, using Shockwave web plugin for Director
  • Created application icon sets, splash screens, and Macromedia Flash web banners

SYSTEMS AND INFORMATION DYNAMICS (now a division of SAP, America) Lester, PA

Analyst 5/95 – 9/95

Created user and technical documentation, and marketing materials for an industrial transportation package that integrates exclusively with SAP R/3. The user documentation included context-sensitive help and an integrated trouble-shooting database with a custom VB ‘front-end.’ Marketing material consisted of multimedia trade show presentations and 4-color process printed documents produced with Ventura Publisher.

UNISYS Corporation Blue Bell, PA

Senior Product Information Analyst 3/93 - 4/95

Wrote technical information for a client-server imaging system. Responsible for the server installation manual and all integration literature.

  • Introduced online help methods, first with direct editing and then with high-level tools
  • Converted core library to Multimedia Viewer format
  • Awarded second-highest company award, for creating a working demo of a programming command set
  • Attained highest possible rating on annual employee review system


Documentation, Database Maintenance, Presentations 4/92 - 3/93

Provided technical and creative computer services to the following organizations:

  • Positek, Inc., Norristown, PA; technical writing, desktop publishing, presentations
  • The Berkeley Corporation, Bala Cynwyd, PA; contract desktop publishing and training of Ventura Publisher
  • Mobile Computer Systems, Inc., Jenkintown, PA; operator's manual and proposals
  • T.H.E.M., Inc., Mount Laurel, New Jersey; maintained a PC database

POSITEK, INC. Norristown, PA

Documentation/Training Coordinator/R&D Specialist 4/89 - 4/92

Wrote and maintained all customer and internal documentation and some marketing literature. Conducted internal technical training and orientation of new software support personnel.

  • Produced a series of seven video tapes for internal training
  • Developed an on-line documentation system for software support staff
  • Implemented over fifty enhancements to the user-friendliness of the system

Installer/Trainer 9/87 - 3/89

Installed, trained and supported multi-user computer systems in approximately 100 businesses. Responsible for larger chain-store installations, nationwide and abroad.

  • Developed template techniques to streamline software installation and setup
  • Created the company's first video training tape, enthusiastically received by clientele

SELF-EMPLOYED Philadelphia, PA

SIMAX Video Display Software 3/83 - 9/87

Starting in 1982, conceived, developed and marketed a new concept in computer software: a video sign generated by a personal computer. The work involved two years of 6502 Assembly Language programming. Sold the program to 14 different types of businesses in ten states, and received favorable newspaper and magazine reviews.


Assistant Supervisor, Exhibits Department 2/79 - 3/83

Fabricated, installed, and managed the installation of public science exhibits.



Novell Network Administration Course, 1/92


Computer Programming Certificate, 4/83


Bachelor of Science, Science Major, 3/77


  • Society for Technical Communication, with articles published at regional and national levels
  • Usability Professionals Association



"My interest in usability arose from the pain and tears of patching the wounds of suffering interface designs with the inadequate bandages of help files and user guides." — Daniel Cohen

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