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Improving user interface design through simple communication improvements and lessons learned repeatedly in computerdom. Bellis' Law: "For every computer problem, even many hardware problems, there is a simple user interface solution."

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Computer Users Bill of Rights

Free Usability Criteria for RFP's
Put this text right in your Requests for Proposals, no strings attached

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We believe that...

  • Problems with UI design will not be solved by more technology or testingónot that there's anything wrong with thatóbut by straightforward thinking and words.
  • The most usable design is the one that anyone can learn quickly, and, once learned, use with increasing proficiency.
  • Most usability improvements can be accomplished with only wording changes.
  • Users aren't dumb, they just need a fighting chance.
  • Most usability measures should address a mythical, "competent Windows user," and not necessarily a naive or uninitiated user.
  • Computers are a worst-case-scenario of an invisible technology: electronics.

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